What research, studies and scientific findings support HydraBURST?

A: Here is a sampling of the information available about the effects of dehydration and HydraBURST’s unique ability to hydrate, replace electrolytes, and defy aging:

Dehydration is the most common fluid and electrolyte problem in men and women over 50.

In one study, midlife and older adults who were dehydrated in a lab setting drank 60-percent less than the adults in their 20s and 30s. The older participants had no idea how thirsty they really were!

You can read a scholarly article here about the physiological effects of dehydration, and its interference with physical and cognitive performance, on the National Institute of Health’s U.S. National Library of Medicine website.

A June 13, 2009 article published on the Medical Daily website says as many as 75 percent of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration.

The article quotes Grace Webb, then Assistant Director for Clinical Nutrition at New York Hospital: “Water is necessary for the body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients. It’s also key to proper digestion; it detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and carries waste away. If your urine becomes darkly colored like this, we’re dehydrated. The urine should be light, straw colored,” she continued.

The Medical Daily article continues: “Over time, failure to drink enough water can contribute to a wide array of medical complications, from fatigue, joint pain and weight gain to headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure and kidney disease.”

HydraBURST provides a broad spectrum defense against five harmful types of free radicals.

Free radicals can destroy your cells, reducing their ability to hold vital, health-giving water.

One study reported HydraBURST significantly reduced:

Peroxyl free radicals in blood by 14 percent — within 2 hours. These are the most common types of free radicals in your body.

Hydroxyl — the free radicals that damage cellular membrane — by 12 percent, within 3 hours.

The study also showed:

Peroxynitrate — which break down collagen in the skin and singlet oxygen free radicals that wreak havoc with cholesterol — dropped within hours after taking HydraBURST.

All five types of free radicals found in the mitochondria — which is your cell’s nucleus — were reduced by 42 percent — within two hours.

Inflammation in blood — caused by ALL five free radical types — dropped 35 percent.

And there were more impressive results:

The study showed HydraBURST significantly INCREASED a cell’s ability to consume healthy oxygen levels by a whopping 136 percent — within one hour.

HydraBURST is clinically validated as a powerful, broad-spectrum free radical fighter.

Brunswick Laboratories — developers of the new ORAC 5.0 test — confirms HydraBURST contains the antioxidant classes, in optimum levels, to attack all five types of free radicals that have been shown to cause cellular damage. These free radical types include: peroxyl, hydroxyl, peroxynitrite, superoxide anion, and singlet oxygen. HydraBURST has successfully undergone scrutiny and meticulous testing to merit the use of the Brunswick Labs certification.

HydraBURST hydrates 75-percent better than the leading sports drink.

HydraBURST has been clinically shown to get water and nutrients inside your cells — for optimum cellular hydration! Clinical tests show HydraBURST is 75-percent better at hydrating your cells than the leading sports drink!

HydraBURST’s breakthrough ingredients have been clinically studied and proven to fight dehydration and the signs of aging.

  1. SynerTea® has been scientifically shown to fight dehydration better than the leading sports drink.

In a randomized, single-blinded, cross-over test using adults age 21-50 — SynerTea® was shown to:  

  • Increase cell volume 82 percent more effectively than the leading sports drink.
  • Increase hydration of cells 75 percent more effectively than the leading sports drink.
  • Reduce urine volume by 28 percent. That’s because your body is retaining fluids better— so you don’t need to pee so often.
  1. HydraBURST provides a crucial dose of potassium, without a heavy dose of dietary sugar.

According to NutritionFacts.org, 98 percent of Americans are low in potassium. Yet potassium is one of the most critical electrolytes your body needs. HydraBURST has 846 percent MORE potassium than other popular electrolyte replacement drinks. Each serving has 350 mg of potassium.

  1. Spectra™’s antioxidant formula begins to fight free radical damage immediately.

Human clinical trials show Spectra™ increases nitric oxide 65 percent, spikes mitochondrial oxygen consumption by 136 percent and reduces free radicals 42 percent — after a single dose!

  1. Numerous studies have shown that Extramel® helps reduce stress and fatigue and has a positive influence on quality of life.

A 12-week clinical study gave evidence that those taking Extramel® supplements saw an 8.8 percent reduction in stress, 9.4 percent reduction in fatigue, a 13.9 percent improvement in cognitive performances and 6.4 percent increase in overall quality of life.

You can read an abstract here about a study published in a 2009 Nutrition Journal showing that taking Extramel® supplements reduced subjects’ perception of stress and fatigue.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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