Q: What does CurcuActiv do?

A:  CurcuActiv offers impressive results in terms of memory, cognition and brain health and function. Here are just some of the results CurcuActiv offers:

  • Boosts levels of brain magnesium to increase synapse formation for healthy brain connections and communication.
  • Fights synaptic decay, which can slow your mental powers.
  • Blocks formation of beta amyloid plaque, which can interfere with cell-to-cell communication at synapses.
  • Prevent tau tangles, which can destroy your brain cell transportation system.
  • Fights brain inflammation that that leads to premature brain aging.
  • Lowers artery-clogging cholesterol that can prevent healthy blood flow to your brain and slow your mental functions.
  • Fights oxidation in the brain. It clobbers free radicals that create amyloid plaque and brain aging.
  • Prevents brain shrinkage that can impair cognitive function.
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