What are the three essential ingredients in GSH-3 Cell Defense that increase glutathione?

Q: What are the three essential ingredients in GSH-3 Cell Defense that increase glutathione?

A: Essential Ingredient #1:  NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine)

NAC is the natural derivative of cysteine, the most important amino acid required for glutathione synthesis. GSH-3 Cell Defense has the acetylated form, N-acetylcysteine, because cysteine itself is not easily absorbed.

NAC has been shown to raise glutathione levels in clinical research. In one European study, 600 mg of NAC was given to former cancer patients for three months. Upon assessment, the plasma levels of glutathione went up 38 percent.

By taking GSH-3 Cell Defense, you’ll receive get the full 600 mg research dose of NAC, as well as an unparalleled array of vital antioxidants.

Essential Ingredient #2: ROC® (Red Orange Complex)

ROC® is a clinically tested extract from three varieties of blood oranges grown in the volcanic soil around Mount Etna in Italy. (The extract is taken from Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello varieties of blood orange.)

In one study of ROC®, a dosage of 100 mg a day raised glutathione by 68 percent, boosted antioxidants 133 percent and reduced DNA damage 20 percent. ROC® is also shown to decrease free radical levels, especially in patients with high oxidative stress. By taking GSH-3, you will get the full researched 100 mg dose of ROC®.

Essential Ingredient #3: SelenoExcell® high selenium yeast

The mineral selenium plays an important role in wellness. Even a slight deficiency of it can suppress immune function. Low levels of selenium have been linked to higher risks for cancer, inflammatory disease and heart disease. 

Sadly, typical American diets don’t contain reliable amounts of selenium —or even meet the official recommended intake. That’s why GSH-3 Cell Defense includes SelenoExcell® high selenium yeast, the world’s most potent, bioavailable, and most researched form of selenium. This natural food form of organically bound selenium offers results that some synthetic forms of selenium can’t.


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