Q: How long does one bottle of GSH-3 Cell Defense last?

A: Each bottle of GSH-3 Cell Defense has a 30-day supply. Each bottle has 60 capsules. Two capsules should be taken each day.  

Q: How do I take GSH-3 Cell Defense, and in what dosage?

A: Two capsules of GSH-3 Cell Defense should be taken once daily.  They should be taken on an empty stomach prior to a meal.

Q: Will GSH-3 Cell Defense interact with medications I'm taking?

A:  It’s important to consult your physician and seek competent medical care regarding any questions pertain to drug interactions, medications and any health issues you may be facing.  

Q: Can I take GSH-3 Cell Defense if I'm pregnant or nursing?

A: Talk to your doctor. Pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult a qualified health professional before taking any supplement or medication.

Q: Should children take GSH-3 Cell Defense?

A: GSH-3 Cell Defense is an anti-aging supplement formulated specifically for adults. You should not give GSH-3 Cell Defense to children.

Q:Is there a risk of dependency from GSH-3 Cell Defense?

A: We are not aware of any risk of dependency with GSH-3 Cell Defense. However, it is important to consult a physician if you have any specific questions regarding supplement and medication usage, or if you have any health problems.

Q: Is there caffeine in GSH-3 Cell Defense?

A: There is no caffeine in GSH-3 Cell Defense.

Q: Is there gluten in GSH-3 Cell Defense?

A: There are no gluten-containing ingredients in GSH-3 Cell Defense.

Q: Are there animal products in GSH-3 Cell Defense?

A: Yes. The supplement has a gelatin capsule from bovine/porcine material.  NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) has duck feather derivatives.

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