Q: How often should I take CurcuActiv?

A: CurcuActiv should be taken once daily.

Q: How do I take CurcuActiv?

A: Mix one level scoop (3 ounces) of CurcuActiv with your favorite food or beverage daily.

Q: How many servings are in each container of CurcuActiv?

A:  Each container has 21 servings (3 ounces) each, a 21-day supply.

Q: How many calories are in CurcuActiv?

A: There are 10 calories per serving of CurcuActiv.

Q: How many carbohydrates are there in a serving of CurcuActiv?

A: There are 2 g of total carbohydrates in CurcuActiv per serving.

Q: What flavor is CurcuActiv?

A: CurcuActiv is both odorless and flavorless, so it mixes perfectly with your own favorite foods and drinks.

Q: What gives CurcuActiv it’s unique, vibrant color?

A: The curcumin molecule is bright yellow-orange — like the color you see in Indian curries and spices.

Q: Is there caffeine in CurcuActiv?

A: There is no caffeine in CurcuActiv.

Q: Is there gluten in CurcuActiv?

A: There is no gluten in CurcuActiv.

Q: Are there any animal products in CurcuActiv?

A: There are no animal products in CurcuActiv.

Q: Will CurcuActiv interact with any medications I'm taking?

A:  CurcuActiv is a health supplement meant to improve cognition and memory. You should always consult your doctor if you have any questions about illnesses, medications or your health in general, or the way a dietary supplement might interaction with medications you are taking.

Q: Can I consume CurcuActiv if I'm pregnant or nursing?

A: Ask your physician. Pregnant or nursing mothers should always consult a qualified health professional before taking any dietary supplement or medication.

Q: Should children use CurcuActiv?

A: CurcuActiv is specially formulated for adults and has not been tested on children. Do not give CurcuActiv to children.

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